What’s all the fuss about protein?

The first image that comes to mind when I think of protein and exercise is a body builder drinking a protein shake while pumping 50kg dumbbells.  However, protein is actually essential not only for exercising but also in your daily diet. The amount of protein you should have per day is individual to each and every one of you, however the Dietary Reference Intake states it as 0.8g of protein per kilogram of body weight.  This means on average I should be having 54g of protein per day. Looking at this amount I wouldn’t know where to start, apart from increasing my intake of chicken to crazy amounts! But who wants to eat that much chicken, I would much rather include different sources of protein. Many people like I struggle with knowing what other great sources of protein there are available.  Studying Human Nutrition has taught me that there are other sources than just meat (just think, how do vegans get their protein sources?)

Chia seeds contain 17g of protein per 100g.  They are also the main ingredient in Wow’s cold-pressed chia seed drinks.  I was surprised myself learning that one bottle of their green chia seed drink (apple, spinach and kiwi) contained 11.36g of chia seeds and a whopping 7.25g of protein, which when compared to a large egg at 6g of protein I know which one I’d rather consume.  This works as a brilliant post-workout drink because during exercise you are “breaking down” your muscles, and protein plays a key role in repairing and maintaining them.

While I can enlighten you all on the benefits of protein, I cannot specify everyone’s individual needs as firstly I am not a registered Nutritionist (yet). If this is something you are looking at please head over to the Association of Nutrition to find out more.

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