How did I fall into nutrition?

Food has always been a passion for me, since I can remember.  I was always known as the child that was always hungry and had her own stash of food in her bedroom – to the dismay of my older sisters; we still laugh about that fact to this day!  

I grew up performing from a young age whether that was singing, dancing or acting and I was completely oblivious about food until the age of around 14, when I become more aware of what I ate. I chose Dance GCSE at the age of 14, and my life revolved around being in a leotard most days whether that was at school, or ballet lessons on a Monday night. This made me more aware of my figure; in my eyes I was never the ‘skinny’ one. It blows my mind now to think back that a 14 year old was worrying about being fat when she was a size 8-10. However that was what was in mind, I started to see foods as ‘good’ as ‘bad and I was seen either eating a salad or binging on junk foods.

Fast forward to age 17, I was more active as I took up A-Level Dance and I came to terms with what I should be eating for my body through my Nutrition module. This was the first insight I had that foods shouldn’t be classed as bad or good, but what benefits they bring to your body.  At the age of 18, I happily went off to university to study Mathematics, little did I know I would be calling my parents in tears 3 months later overloading on how awful the past months had been. I decided to drop out of university, and to my surprise another friend had done just that and the instant relief of feeling ashamed and a let down to my family quickly fizzled away.

My sister, Francesca, was actually the person to put the career of a Nutritionist into my head, she brought it back to the fact I told you earlier that my life revolved around food; for good or bad. Taking this advice, I applied to the University of Greenwich to study a Bachelors of Science in Human Nutrition and here I am in my final year, feeling so happy. People always ask what my proudest achievement is, and I always say finding a career that makes me happy everyday, yes it is stressful but I couldn’t imagine doing anything else with my days.

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